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If your drugs tested
positive for Fentanyl,
you are at risk of an
opioid overdoes.

Test Strips

Why test drugs for Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is very common in overdose factors.

Fentanyl is often found in, heroine, cocaine, crack, meth, club drugs, sometimes pills from nonmedical sources, and more not mentioning here.

How to Use Fentanyl Test Strips.

  1. Put a small amount of drug residue in a clean container or bag and add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of water.
  2. Hold the test strip at the solid blue end, insert the wavy end in fluid and wait 15 seconds before removing it.
  3. Once removed, wait at least 5 minutes in full light, look at the strip and count how many lines have appeared for the results.

Fentanyl test strips results


Safety First

No drug is completely safe, there is always overdose risk and sometimes even with those prescribed.

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New York State’s 911 Good Samaritan Law Protects YOU

The New York State 911 Good Samaritan Law allows people to call 911 without fear of arrest if they are having a drug or alcohol overdose

that requires emergency medical care or if they witness someone overdosing.

The following are signs of an overdose. CALL 911 if the person:

  • Is passed out and cannot be woken up;
  • Is not breathing, breathing very slowly, or making gurgling sounds;
  • Has lips that are blue or grayish color.

Why should you care about the 911 Good Samaritan Law?

  • The law empowers YOU to save a person’s life.
  • The law encourages anyone to call 911 when they see or experience a drug or alcohol overdose.

Who is protected by the 911 Good Samaritan Law?

  • Everyone — regardless of age — who seeks medical help for themselves or someone else during an overdose.
  • The person who has overdosed.

The law DOES NOT protect YOU from the following:

  • A1 felony possession of a controlled substance
    (8 ounces or more);
  • Sale or intent to sell controlled substances;
  • Open warrants for your arrest; and
  • Violation of probation or parole.

The law DOES protect YOU from the following:

  • Possessing controlled substances up to and including A2 felony offenses (anything under 8 ounces);
  • Possessing alcohol, where underage drinking is involved;
  • Possessing marijuana (any quantity);
  • Possessing drug paraphernalia; and
  • Sharing drug

What if I am accused of selling drugs?

  • Calling 911 can be used in your defense when the charge is less than an A2 felony — as long as you don’t have a prior conviction for an A1, A2, or B drug felony sales or attempted sales offense.
  • Calling 911 can be a factor in reducing the length of a prison sentence for A1 and A2 felony convictions.

What if I am under the age of 21 years, will this law protect me?

 Yes. Nothing should stop YOU from calling 911 in a life-or-death situation.