Bicentennial COUNTYWIDE Torch Relay

200 Miles of History Torch Relay

From Aug 14 to Aug 18, Runners & Fast Walkers will Participate in this Historic Relay

Wayne County’s Bicentennial Celebration includes a 200-mile Torch Relay that will travel through the towns, villages, and hamlets in Wayne County over the course of 5 days. The relay will begin at the Wayne County Fairgrounds on Monday, August 14th and end at the Fairgrounds on Friday, August 18th.  The route will average about 40 miles per day from 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. The average speed is 15 min per mile (4 mph).  It will wind around the county so as to pass more than 200 historic sites. 

ONLY PRE-REGISTERED RUNNERS OR WALKERS may participate in this event. Registration ended at midnight on 8/10/23. We have nearly 200 Participants! Each Participant will cover at least one mile of the route. 

The route will vary from village streets, to rural roads, to the canal path. This event is Rain or Shine!

If you have any questions about this event, please contact Jeff Washburn at

YOUTH Torch Relay

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We have done our best to describe and map out the Torch Relay route that will have 160 runners and walkers carry the torch one mile each around Wayne County beginning Monday August 14 at 9 a.m. at the Wayne County Fair Grounds. The route will wind through the county and briefly stop at Gathering Points and Mile Markers to pass the torch and change runners. 

Route v5

Interactive Map

Click on the following map to open the web map interface which is mobile friendly. 

As you zoom in, the Gathering Points are shown on this map as Yellow Diamonds. These are labeled according to Day of the Event (1-5) and in alpha order of occurrence. This map also shows Mile Markers as single digits. The mile shown corresponds to the beginning point of the mile to be run. For example, Mile 14 on the map is the beginning of Mile Marker 14-15. Timeline for each day is seen when you click on the mile to view the approximate start time for this mile. If the Relay is running behind schedule, the upcoming Gathering Point contacts will be notified and they will notify the Runners. If the Relay is running ahead of schedule, it will stop at the next available Mile Marker and wait for all pre-registered Runners. 

We encourage neighbors to line the route and cheer on our Torch Runners.

CLICK ON MAP BELOW FOR INTERACTIVE VIEW OF TORCH RELAY ROUTE. All route times are approximate to the time the Torch Relay Caravan will pass that point on the route. 

Torch Relay NEW Map

THE CARAVAN - How to identify the Torch Relay 

The Caravan refers to the slow-moving group of cars consisting of Lead Car, followed by the Participant(s), followed a Transport Car (which may be in and out of the Caravan, depending on location) and a rear Safety Vehicle. Caravan cars will be labeled with signs like these shown here. 

SUPPORT CARS: Support Cars will be traveling ahead of the Caravan to place and pick up Mile Markers and Gathering Point signs. Support Car will check in with Gathering Point volunteers to verify Participants have checked in and are ready for their mile. 

LEAD CAR: Lead Cars will be identified by signage or Red Flag. These vehicles are specially chosen by Town and Village volunteers to lead the Caravan through the streets of their town. Lead cars will change over to new Lead Cars at various locations throughout the route. 

TRANSPORT CARS: Transport Cars will be available at Gathering Points to take Participants to their reserved Mile Marker. They will also be available along the route to pick up Participants if needed after they have completed their mile. Runners must be at their reserved Mile Marker at least 5 minutes before the designated Time Stamp for that mile. 

The Caravan may be followed or led by County, State or Local Police Units for safety. They may or may not use lights to designate their arrival. Police and Fire Safety vehicles and personnel may be strategically located at Major Intersections along the route to ensure safe passage of the Caravan as it travels through the county. 

Most Participants will do their one mile of history individually, some may do it with other pre-registered Participants up to a max of 6 persons. They will run or fast walk on local roadways and Canalway Trails. Mile markers like the one pictured here will be placed along the route each day to designate the start of each section. This will also be the location of the Torch Hand-Off from one participant to the next. These Mile Markers will be picked up by the Support Car or Transport Car after the runner/walker passes by.

GATHERING POINTS: Each day will feature specially designated Gathering Points along the route near or at various historic sites and buildings. Gathering Points are where Participants must check-in with Volunteers and pick up their runner's bib and t-shirt. There will be parking available and restrooms (if possible) for Participants and Volunteers at each Gathering Point. Gathering Points will be staffed by local Volunteers starting 30 minutes before anticipated arrival of the Caravan. Runners must check in at the nearest or most convenient Gathering Point, preferably before they do their mile. Runners must be at their reserved Mile Marker at least 5 minutes before the designated Time Stamp for that mile. 


All registered runners are invited to walk the last mile on Friday, August 18 that will help lead the Wayne County Fair Parade to the County Fairgrounds.  Click on the Wayne County Fair event for more information. 

Run Day Maps

The following maps show the general route through each of 5 regions of the county. You can Zoom in on the maps to find the APPROXIMATE location for each mile.  Mile Markers will be placed on the Day of the event to designate starting location. 

DAY 1 - Monday, August 14, 2023 - Zoom in on the map to see each mile marker.

Day 1 begins in Palmyra at the Wayne County Fair Grounds and continues through Macedon, Macedon Center, Walworth, Gananda, Walworth (again), Lincoln, Ontario Center, and concludes in Ontario at Casey Park. 

Mile MarkerTimeline

DAY 2 - Tuesday, August 15, 2023 - Zoom in on the map to see each mile marker.

Day 2 starts at Casey Park in Ontario and moves on to Pultneyville, Williamson, E. Williamson, Marion, Fairville, and ends in Sodus at the High School where we will need six runners to run a mile each on the track. 

Mile Marker Timeline

Our younger runners (children under 16) will also be using the track after 6 p.m. for the Youth Torch Relay. 

DAY 3 - Wednesday, August 16, 2023 - Zoom in on the map to see each mile marker.

Day 3 will begin at the Sodus School and travel through the village and then on to Sodus Center, Wallington, Sodus Point, Huron, Rose, N. Rose, and back into Huron finishing at Chimney Bluffs State Park. 

Mile Market Timeline

DAY 4 - Thursday, August 17, 2023 - Zoom in on the map to see each mile marker.

Day 4 kicks off at Chimney Bluffs State Park in Huron and moves on to Wolcott, Red Creek, Butler Center, S. Butler, and will conclude at the Montezuma Audubon Center in Savannah. 

Mile Marker Timeline

DAY 5 - Friday, August 18, 2023 - Zoom in on the map to see each mile marker.

Day 5 begins at the Audubon Center and heads into Savannah continuing to Clyde, Lyons, Newark, Marbletown, back into Newark, E. Palmyra, and finally back to Palmyra (where we will be using the Erie Canal Path in some sections) to finish this Historic Event by leading the parade into the Wayne County Fairgrounds. 

Mile Marker Timeline