Housing Studies

Housing Needs Assessment and Market Analysis 2022-2023

Wayne County Economic Development and Planning department is finalizing the assessment and opportunity for new and rehabilitated housing stock, along with a comprehensive analysis of the market and economic factors affecting housing in the County. Results of this assessment and analysis will provide municipalities with strategies for updating zoning requirements and other strategies, in an effort to encourage community revitalization and targeted residential investment. The remuneration for contracted services will be funded in part by Federal funds made available through the CDBG program. 

Final Comprehensive Housing Plan 2023

The Wayne County Housing Needs Assessment and Market Analysis is now available for review. The document is available in the title link above.

Affordable Housing Preservation Strategy

Prior to 2021, Wayne County had not completed a comprehensive housing affordabilityWayne County Housing Tenure 2020 study since 1995. Since then, the housing conditions and needs have changed and now, the community is in need of an updated strategy. Affordable housing is a term defined by federal housing standards as housing in which the occupant is paying no more than 30 percent of gross income for housing costs, including utilities. This definition is applied most commonly in reference to home ownership, but is also applied when referring to rentals.

Wayne County Economic Development and Planning department is continuing to evaluate and assist in the provision and preservation of affordable housing options across the County through a series of programs and studies. This is made possible through the New York State Preservation Opportunity Program (NYS-POP), authorized by Attorney General Letitia James and managed through Enterprise Community Partners. Overall, this is a $12 million program created to support local housing agencies and authorities outside of New York City to develop strategic approaches to preserving existing affordable housing portfolios. 

Through NYS-POP, in partnership with Enterprise Community Partners, MM Development Advisors, and Highland Planning, Wayne County recently completed an Affordable Housing Needs Assessment, which quantifies the need for new housing, as well as rehabilitation and preservation of existing units in order to fulfill unmet demand for quality affordable housing.  The study also provides decision makers with technical, financial, and regulatory strategies needed to create a sustainable housing preservation plan. Given the factors summarized in this Assessment, there is a clear need within Wayne County for quality, affordable housing of all kinds—and particularly for workers, seniors and populations that are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless.

READ: Wayne County Affordable Housing Needs Assessment 2021-2022

Derelict Property Study

Wayne County commissioned a Derelict Properties Strategy Plan, funded in part by Federal funds made available through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program to assist The County, local municipalities, the Wayne County Regional Land Bank, and other local stakeholders in prioritizing the use of limited local resources to address County-wide property dereliction. For this Plan, a Derelict Properties Database was created to inventory the location and types of derelict properties found throughout the County. This database was analyzed to identify three initial Strategic Areas for redevelopment plans and recommendations, to serve as templates for villages and towns throughout the County, maximizing impact by addressing clusters of derelict properties. The plan provides tools for assessing the condition of derelict properties and prioritizing action on them. The plan provides county-wide recommendations and strategies to address derelict properties based on a vision, goals, and objectives and an economic, market, and housing analysis.