April 11, 1823, by act of the New York State Legislature, Wayne County came into existence. The last county to be "set off" from Ontario County along with parts of northern Seneca County It is unique with lakeshore and fertile lake plain in the north Undulating with 100s of Drumlins in the middle Marshy with streams flowing easterly in the south.

Information available at Historian Office: 

  •  Burial/cemetery data
  • Census
  • County maps 1853, 1858, 1874 atlas, 1904 atlas, 1937 compass map
  • Hoffman Essays
  • Library with county, town, church, organization histories
  • Microfilmed records
  • Subject files
  • Surname folders
  • Wills/surrogates before 1900

General Instructions

Research may be done on site at the Office of the County Historian without charge. Appointment Only!!  You must have a confirmation reply to your appointment request!  Appointment requests by phone message or email must have a confirmation reply to assure access to the Historian Office.  Thank you.

2022 Nov 24, 25 NY Wayne County Offices closed for Holiday  

If you can't come into the office you may request the Office of the County Historian to do research, using the research request form (PDF).

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Research request form (PDF) and deposit must accompany all requests.

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