Public Defender

For those clients who have already made their first appearance in Court (including at the Centralized Arraignment court at the jail) you may have been preliminarily assigned to our office. If so, please fill out the first page of the Financial Application and email the form to us. Our office will be in touch with you, first by phone, and by mail if necessary, to confirm that we represent you and to set up a phone conference or a face to face meeting with your assigned lawyer prior to your court date.

You may also physically come into our office to drop off or fill out your financial application. If you do come to our location, a facial covering is required in order to enter the building. Please do not come to our office if you are displaying symptoms of any illness.

Contacting the Public Defender

If you have already had your case assigned to a Public Defender attorney and would like to speak to that lawyer, please call in and a phone appointment or an in person meeting can be arranged if the lawyer is not available to talk at the time of your call.

About the Department

The Wayne County Public Defender's Office provides legal services to individuals in Wayne County that have been charged with committing a crime or a Penal Law offense and cannot afford a lawyer.