Performing Searches

We recommend for searches that you enter or specify, as much information or search criteria as possible. By doing this, the results will more closely match the Real Property Tax information for which you are searching. In addition, a more defined search may return the results faster than a broader search.

To search for an exact match enter the first, last, street, avenue or road name that you are looking for and click on the Search button. For instance to search for Ken Smith enter Ken in the First Name field and Smith in the Last Name field.

To search for variations on the name Ken, enter Ken* in the First Name field. This tells the search engine to look for Kenneth, Kenny or Ken in the First Name field.

Placing the asterisk (*) as a prefix or in front of a name or property location will result in no matches.

In general, if an exact match cannot be found based on the search criteria, the search engine will attempt to find the closest matching records to the search criteria. Therefore, you may have multiple records to scroll through in order to locate the desired property information.

Although the Search Results page is designed to allow you to skip forward and backwards among the search results, this can become time consuming and tedious to find the Real Property Tax record for which you are looking. Hence, we strongly recommend that you specify and enter as much information as possible.