Pistol Permits

Obtaining a NEW Pistol Permit or Semi- Automatic Rifle License

To apply for a new permit, you must start with the Sheriff’s Office. Please contact them at 315-946-5790 or visit the Pistol Permit Filing Overview for further information.

Pistol Permit Amendments:

Amendments can be made by mail or in person, no appointment required.

Fees:$13 for amendments

$15 for Duplicate permits (replace lost cards or upgrade from paper cards)

Wayne County Clerk
9 Pearl St
Lyons NY 14489

Amendment Form

Consent Form

If your contact information has changed, please complete an information sheet so we are able to reach you if needed.

Information Sheet

Acquiring or Disposing of a Firearm:

Please include purchase or disposal receipt, or signed and notarized consent form for co-register, and fill out their Name and Address on the line above the list of firearms.

If you are acquiring a firearm from a family member (purchase or gift) a letter from the family member is required stating they are transferring ownership to you. 

A private sale of firearm requires a NICS check, therefore a receipt or transfer form from a gun shop is requested.

Address Change or Name Change:

If you have moved or changed your name, you must file a change of address to update your pistol permit.  Complete the amendment with your old information at the top, and new information below the section labeled “AMEND LICENSE FOR THE FOLLOWING”

If you moved out of Wayne County, and wish to have your file transferred to a new County, the fee is only $5 you do not need to pay the $13 if you are transferring, please complete the form for an address change, and check the box to “transfer” and indicate the new County on the “Transferred to” line.

If your permit was issued in another County and want to transfer your permit to Wayne County, please contact the issuing County to initiate the transfer.  Once we receive your file from them, we will contact you with further instructions. 

Semi-Automatic Rifle Endorsement:

New York State now requires a License to purchase semi-automatic rifles, this can be added to an existing pistol permit by filing an amendment. 

If you do not have a pistol permit, you may apply for a Semi-Automatic Rifle License by completing an application with the Sheriff’s Office.

Lost/Stolen Firearm:

Lost or Stolen Firearms should be removed from your pistol permit, in order to do so provide a copy of the police report and complete section 7 on the amendment form.

Changing License Type:

To change your type of permit, complete the boxes under Transaction type to indicate the type of permit you would like to have. 

If you have a Possess on Premises permit or Semi-Automatic Rifle License and would like to change to or add a Carry Concealed Pistol permit you will be required to complete the 16-hour training required by NYS and submit proof with your amendment for review.  

**Possess on Premises is not the same as Carry Concealed with Restrictions, if your pistol permit still lists restrictions you can get them removed by filing an amendment requesting the restrictions be lifted and we will provide you with new cards, no additional training is required. 


Carry Concealed Pistol Permits must be recertified with NYS every 3 Years.  

Possess on Premises Pistol Permits must be recertified with NYS every 5 Years. 

More information on Pistol Permit Recertification can be found on the NYS Recertification Website

If you have questions about your recertification and would like to speak to someone the New York State Recertification unit can be reached at 1-855-LAWGUNS (1-855-529-4867)

Recertification can now be done online at the above website, or you can print the Recertification Form and mail it to New York State Police, Pistol Permit Bureau, Building 22, 1220 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12226-2252

Public Records Exemption:

To exempt your firearm ownership from public records disclosure requests, you may fill out the "NYS Firearms License Request for Public Records Exemption" form and send it to our office.

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