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Sodus Point Park has fun for the whole family. Get some sun, enjoy a picnic, take a swim, do some fishing, go boating, utilize the volleyball net and play on the playground. For 2022 Summer patrons were also able to utilize mats on the sand to make the beach more handicap accessible. The Bathhouse offers toilets, sinks and changing stalls. There is also an outside shower to rinse off in, as you need from swimming.

Sodus Point Park Beach has been able to be visited by many from not just all over New York, but all over the country and a few outside of! During the Summer of 2022, Census that our guards took, showed over 6,425 visitors from places like:

Seneca FallsNew York CityLockportBuffalo

We would love to add your hometown to our list, so please when visiting during the season stop in and talk to one of our guards in our station when they are on their 30 min break.

Sodus Point Lifeguards had a successful 2022 season in prevention as they did not have to perform any life saving techniques. There was only one missing person reported who was found within 2 minutes of executing their missing person protocol. Lastly, they only need to perform first aid on approximately six patrons who had small lacerations (not in need of stitches) or ice for bumps.

Two Kids Swinging

Supervised swimming is only held in designated areas within Wayne County Property on the lakeside beach, during park hours of 11am-7pm 7 days a week. Typically, the beach opens the last Tuesday in June until a time TBA in late August-Labor Day. In 2022 we were able to staff the beach for Saturday and Sundays starting Memorial weekend until the last Tuesday in June when it opened for regular season. We hope to be able to do the same again for our 2023 Season!

Patrons can contact Department of Aging & Youth with any questions Mon-Fri 8:30-4pm when the beach is not open at 315-946-5624. During swim season, patrons can contact the lifeguard station directly at 315-483-4459. Please feel free to friend Sodus Point Lifeguards on their Facebook page to get up to date information on water temperatures, beach openings, and beach closings!

Sodus Point

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